ac8I’m Courtney. I’m a speech therapist and I’ve developed Snappy Speech with one goal: to provide simple and practical tools for everyone (parents, teachers, etc.) to begin giving appropriate feedback – early and often – to children as they develop speech. My hope is that by initiating feedback while children are developing speech, rather than waiting until they have a speech sound disorder  (AKA articulation disorder) to correct, we will see fewer kids requiring speech therapy for functional speech sound disorders.

Consider this blog my effort to bring articulation and speech sound awareness into the early intervention/prevention conversation.

Parents have told me that when they look up information on speech therapy websites to help their kids with their speech, they find themselves flooded with too much to sift through – content loaded with technical terms and jargon, and simply not finding much they can start using right away. I intend to keep the content on Snappy Speech staight forward and easy to apply.

Note: When I refer to articulation/speech sound disorders on Snappy Speech, I am referring to functional speech sound disorders – meaning there is no known cause or underlying factors that are impairing the child’s speech and language development.

Disclaimer: The content provided in Snappy Speech is not exhaustive of all speech and language disorders, nor is the content herein a substitute for any recommendations made by a certified speech-language pathologist or other relevant developmental specialist. Any concerns about your child’s speech and language development should be discussed with your child’s physician and a speech-language pathologist.